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Date set for long-awaited DUBKASM album ‘Brixton Rec’; plus Bristol LP launch party

Bristol dub/roots group DUBKASM has finally decided to put out a selection of previously unreleased tracks mixed by leading soundsystem operator ABA SHANTI with the release of Brixton Rec.

DUBKASM is holding an official album launch party, alongside ABA SHANTI on the ROOTS RADICAL SOUNDYSTEM, at The Attic in Bristol on 5 October, before the record hits the streets on 8 October.

The Brixton Rec tracks were all played by ABA SHANTI and the versions all personally mixed by him to achieve the ideal sound balance on his sound system.

Once DUBKASM's Digistep finished initial mixes of the tracks, he would deliver the multi-track master to ABA SHANTI who would then mix down his own exclusive versions at Falasha Studios.

DUBKASM found the perfect partner for the project in Bristol Archive Records and the label's ongoing programme to document and make available Bristol's reggae heritage.

According to a DUBKASM statement: “It's the Aba Shanti connection that inspired the album's title, for it was at Aba's legendary sessions at the Brixton Rec that these tracks could be heard to full effect. The album is named in tribute to those great sessions and hopefully the music captures a bit of that magic as well as bringing back some great memories for those who were there, or even those who were only there in spirit through the medium of sound tapes.”

The new album will be available on LP (limited edition), CD and digital download.

Four of the vinyl's eight tracks are vocals with contributions from TENA STELIN, “The Soul” and “Spiritual Warrior Time”, the deeply missed LIDJ XYLON, “The Order” and Bristol's own, and DUBKASM regular RAS ADDIS, “Jah Bible.” Each of the vocals is accompanied by its dub counterpart.

The CD and download version contain three bonus tracks, a melodica cut to “The Soul”, “106.2FM” a track that captures the vibes as ABA SHANTI both mixes and sings live and finally “Earth Rocker” which is actually a recording captured in a dance at Brixton Rec.

It comes complete with sleeve notes telling the story of DUBKASM's early years including rare archive photos.

Visit the DUBKASM website to hear a couple of the tracks in advance of the release.