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New AMY WINEHOUSE album will be “reggae inspired”

A posthumous AMY WINEHOUSE album is expected to be reggae-inspired, according to The Independent.

Her biographer has revealed that many of the new songs have a reggae feel, inspired by the time she spent in St Lucia last year.

Chas Newkey-Burden, who wrote her 2009 biography, told the UK broadsheet: "In what we can tell from the third album, I think she had been quite influenced by reggae.

"I think Amy would have been quite keen for a slightly indulgent third album. It might have been her way of showing the world what she was really like."

Industry insiders have also hinted that the new record will move away from the jazz influence of her first two albums.

WINEHOUSE's record label, Universal Republic, is not expected to prevent the unreleased songs from making it out.

Newkey-Burden added: "Personally, I think her third album shouldn't be released… Obviously, it's up to her family, but, as a fan and her biographer, I would be against it being released because it would muddle the legacy. The only way it would be fair would be to release it as a 'sessions'-type album. But I suspect they will try to whip it into an actual album."

The WINEHOUSE/reggae connection - along with countless reggae and ska recordings such as her cover of "You're Wondering Now" - was also cemented in 2010 when she spent nearly three weeks at the Geejam Hotel and Recording studio in Jamaica.

WINEHOUSE passed away on 23 July in Camden, London, where she was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death has not yet been established.