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BUNNY MARRETT launches debut album at the Watershed

Bristol reggae musician BUNNY MARRETT finally got to celebrate the release of his brilliant debut album, I'm Free, at the Watershed in Bristol last week.

The launch party followed a special screening of 1981 St Pauls documentary ‘Voices From Another Part Of Town’ along with performances from DAN RATCHET singing a few tracks from his upcoming album, Jah Poor People, and STEVE RICE.

Here's video footage of the intimate show featuring BUNNY MARRETT and his band via Bristol Archive Records:

The band includes:

  • Bunny Marrett - lead vocals and guitar
  • Richard Lewis - keyboards
  • Tony Orrell - drums
  • Glen Crookes - backing vocals and percussion
  • Joe Allen - double bass

All musicians, apart from the bass player, featured on the original studio recordings from 1986.

The Bristol label managed to get their hands on MARRETT’s jazz-influenced reggae album, originally recorded in 1986, and finally released it on 18 June 2012.

The singer has been involved in the UK reggae scene since the 1970s, however his output has until now been limited to two tracks on 12” from 1981.

In particular he has been an influential figure on the Bristol sound system and jazz scenes with compositions recorded and released by BLACK ROOTS and DELROY OGILVIE.

The vinyl edition of I’m Free contains the 1986 album as it was envisioned with four vocals and two dub versions, while the CD comes with the two tracks from 1981.

Catch BUNNY MARRETT next month (26 August) at the Bristol Reggae Explosion Live in the Big Top tent at the Creative Common in Bristol.