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Interview: ReggaeChapter speaks to NATTY

Amid a run of intimate shows around the UK soul-reggae crossover artist NATTY catches up with to discuss his latest album.

NATTY is back following the success of his debut album Man Like I, with his highly anticipated album Release the Fear.

The new record is out now and features the likes of GEORGE THE POET, ALBOROSIE and BUSY SIGNAL.

We caught up with the singer to find out more about the music:

1. You’re back with Release the Fear – how did the album come about?

Music is an organic process for me, I kept writing and creating and knew that I would only put out Release The Fear once I was fully happy with it. In terms of writing, I would write the songs and bring them to the band. Thematically, life and people helped it come about, stories and lessons I learnt along the way paved its narrative, learning to release my fears and as always to give thanks. We recorded half the album in The Dairy Studio in Brixton whilst building a studio, we then finished the other half in our studio.

2. Did you suffer any ‘difficult second album’ issues?

A little, but I didn’t force anything, so not too much issues. To be honest it was more from my old label who were a little nervous and wanted this album to be made differently… with beat-makers not THE REBELSHIP band. However I am sure they would have been okay if they knew what it was going to sound like. Most important thing was I stuck to what I believed in and put out the album how I wanted it to sound.

3. What was the writing and recording process like this time around?

I wrote all the songs on the guitar, apart from “Rainclouds” which was written on the Piano. Three or four of the songs I had some help in the writing from my friend/guitarist and then two songs I wrote in sessions I did when still signed to Atlantic. I then start introducing them to the band at the rehearsals we were doing to work out their parts. We then built a studio with mycommunity pitching in for manpower. Some of the songs were recorded in The Dairy Studio the rest were recorded at our studio. I used to be a producer before releasing my own songs so I produced it with the band. 

4. You’re on the road – how have you been preparing for the tour?

Rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals, lol. Also keeping an eye on the people and seeing their reactions to tracks, working with my band, THE REBELSHIP to develop sounds that ring true to the album.

5. What can fans expect from one of your live shows in 2016? 

Good vibes, good tunes, hopefully some kind of healing and to be energised and inspired… and maybe some nostalgia with some of the old songs.

6. Do you prefer being in the studio or on tour?

I love both. I couldn’t choose. They so different. Both magical.

7. Can you tell me a bit about your record label and club night Vibes and Pressure?

The label is home to some amazing artists who all have been blessed with talent and integrity, and with a common thread of being conscious and organic in their recordings. We have released a compilation which you can buy on our website It features some of the artists that we work with. Our night has been running for almost eight years now, usually first Friday of every month. We’ve been at Passing Clouds in Dalston for the past four years but are looking at expanding, using other venues as well as featuring at festivals as a tent or stage.

8. How has your faith influenced the music you create?

I think that the lack of cursing and keeping the music real, expressing myself lyrically in a way that is true to myself is all helped by my faith, both in myself and inspired my the life and words of HIM Rastafari.


NATTY plays the Islington Assembly Rooms in London on 17 March.