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Date set for Compendulum release on Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack Records will shortly release a new reggae album compiled by Chris Potter called Compendulum.

The record will be available on 10 June on CD and digital download.

Chris Potter joined the Bristol-based Arts Opportunity Theatre Company back in 1981 becoming the keyboard player for ZION BAND, who provided mostly reggae-based live musical backing for the Freedom City theatre production. They also released a 12” vinyl EP, with several tracks since reissued by Bristol Archive Records

When Freedom City ended in 1982, many of Potter's bandmates moved on to form RESTRICTION, but he was invited to join Bristol band TALISMAN with whom he went on to tour the UK and Europe.

The time spent in the studio recording the band's debut album Takin The Strain, inspired an interest in music production and although he left TALISMAN in 1985 to pursue a business career, his interest continued and he built a recording studio.

Compendulum is a 16-track compilation of Chris Potter's take on how some old and new, familiar and unfamiliar tracks should sound from the Bristol/Reggae Archive and Sugar Shack catalogues.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. BLACK SYMBOL - “Feeling Irie”

2. JASHWHA MOSES - “What A Situation”

3. CAPITAL LETTERS - “Jah Music” 

4. BLACK SYMBOL - “Jah Children Come First”

5. PRINCE GREEN (DRUMMIE) - “Cross Country Driver”

6. BLACK SYMBOL - “Jah and I” 

7. BUNNY MARRETT - “Noise” 


9. BLACK SYMBOL - “Trouble Trouble” 

10. BUNNY MARRETT - “Bristol Rock” (extended version) 

11. BLACK SYMBOL - “Feeling Irie” (Drub A Dub) 

12. JASHWHA MOSES - “What a Situation” (Drub A Dub) 

13. CAPITAL LETTERS - “Jah Music” (Drub A Dub)

14. BUNNY MARRETT - “Mystic Man” (Drub A Dub) 

15. BLACK SYMBOL - “Trouble Trouble” (Drub A Dub)

16. BUNNY MARRETT - “Noise” (Drub A Dub)