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London International Ska Festival closing speeches + DANDY LIVINGSTONE sound check

The closing speeches from the London International Ska Festival 2012 have been caught on video and provide further explanation as to DANDY LIVINGSTONE’s no-show on Friday night

Watch fan-filmed footage below of JERRY DAMMERS, NEOL DAVIES, NEVILLE STAPLE, FREDDIE NOTES, RICO RODRIGUEZ, festival organiser Sean Flowerdew and Steve Nevard.

DAMMERS said: “Don’t feel bad about Dandy Livingstone, he suffered from nerves. He was never a stage artist in the first place, he was a recording artist. So don’t blame Sean and let’s have a big round for Dandy Livingstone, he’s never been on stage for 40 years, it’s not his fault. Reggae music is as much about studio recording as live, don’t ever forget that." 

He later added: "Don’t forget the originators, we didn’t originate this music, these guys Rico Rodriguez and Freddie Notes did. Never forget the originators. Forget 2Tone, remember the originators. We didn’t invent this music, they did.”

Here it is:

LIVINGSTONE didn't perform at the ska event, but this is perhaps the only footage - taken during the sound check - of him playing live in the last 30 years or so: