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Guardian interview with ‘Marley’ director Kevin MacDonald

The UK’s Guardian newspaper interviewed ‘Marley’ film director Kevin MacDonald where he explained how he pieced the film together from BOB MARLEY’s troubled early years in Jamaica to worldwide adulation.

Click here to read the article “Bob Marley: the regret that haunted his life” in full.

The BBC also posted a video interview with the director last week.

The new film will be in cinemas worldwide from 20 April.

Here’s the extended version of the film trailer:

MacDonald, who is best known for ‘Touching the Void’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’, took on the challenge to chart the life and times of Marley alongside ZIGGY MARLEY and Island Records’ founder Chris Blackwell as executive producers. It represents the first time his family has contributed directly to a re-telling of the musician’s life.