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The Voice newspaper interviews FREDDIE MCGREGOR

The UK’s Voice newspaper has interviewed reggae music legend FREDDIE MCGREGOR where he says corruption has ruined Jamaica and its music.

MCGREGOR who recently released his 35th album, Di Captain, on VP Records told The Voice: “Jamaica has become a corrupted country, we have been involved with a lot of scamming, when you look at the economy, it’s really rotten and our politicians are greedy and criminals, I must admit that. 

“Now, pay to play has become a big thing in Jamaica, so it’s not the best music being played, it doesn’t matter how much of a garbage it is, that is the one that is being paid to be played and that needs to change. It is my country that I love dearly, that I have dedicated 50 years of music to, so I am one of the people who speak openly,” he said.

For the full interview, check out The Voice website.

Fans can watch the artist in recent session from Maida Vale where he also chats to DAVID RODIGAN in a bank holiday special on BBC 1Xtra.