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JOSHUA MOSES to drop new album in April

Bristol Archive Records, after more than 18 months of painstaking research and the pursuit of numerous leads, is set to release a new album from JOSHUA MOSES.

The 15-track record Joshua To Jashwha – 30 Years In The Wilderness will be released on 9 April 2012 on LP, CD and digital download.

The tracks on this career retrospective were recorded between 1978 and 2003 and are guaranteed to create a buzz among reggae fans worldwide.

Prior to Bristol Archive’s involvement, the only tracks to have been released were the scarce “Africa (Is Our Land)”, originally released in 1978 on the More Cut label and produced by DENNIS BOVELL, and its dub counterpart “Home”. 

Both tracks, along with “Rise Up” and its dub counterpart, will also be reissued on a very limited 12” next month (20 February). 

The other 11 tracks were recorded over a period of 20 years and include three live recordings.

The full tracklisting is:

  1. Africa (Is Our Land) 
  2. House Of Dread 
  3. Stick It Up 
  4. Jah Time Has Come 
  5. Suffering Is In The Past 
  6. The Suffering (Dub) 
  7. Rise Up 
  8. Rise Up (Dub) 
  9. Steel 
  10. Bobby Wrong 
  11. Children Of The Light 
  12. Nothing To Lose 
  13. Protection 
  14. Distant Guns 
  15. Home (Version) 

Bristol Archive Records said: “The other purpose of this release is to draw a line under Joshua Moses and see him reborn as Jashwha Moses, Jaswha has had many trials and tribulations over the decades and his lonely struggle for musical success has often been an uphill battle. 

“Now with this career retrospective and a new name to tie in with his new, but equally spiritual material, he can hopefully look forward to the success and wider recognition his talents have always deserved.” 

A new album, as JASHWHA, is also set for release later this year, and hopefully we’ll see some live dates to complement the new recordings.

The label is also set to release the third volume of its Bristol Reggae Explosion series on 19 March 2012.

The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 3 – The 1980s Part 2 tracklisting is as follows::

  2. I'm Free - BUNNY MARRETT
  3. Takin The Strain (Cave Mix) - TALISMAN
  4. Stick it up - JOSHUA MOSES
  5. Pain (Dub) - ALFRED MCINTOSH
  6. Babylon Fire/Babylon Dub - ZION BAND
  7. Lick & Run - TALISMAN
  8. You Can't Pay Me - COOL RUNNINGS
  9. The Came You (Dub) - RON GREEN feat. GLEN QUAKE
  10. Chant Down Bobby Rome - POPSY CURIOUS
  11. The Mission - ZAPP STEREO
  12. Playhouse - COOL RUNNINGS
  13. Soul Eternal - THE RADICALS
  14. My Love - VIBES
  15. Sweet Rosie - DAN RATCHET