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New SIZZLA album ‘The Chant’: full details revealed & video

SIZZLA KALONJI will shortly release his new studio album The Chant; watch the video below for a heads-up on what you can expect from the Jamaican musician.

The new record was produced at Caveman Studio in Kingston, Jamaica by Everton Dr. Cave Moore, and is out on the AfroJam Music label (Germany).

The official release date is 17 February 2012.

SIZZLA describes the new album as a breakthrough and major stepping-stone in his career. “We're venturing into a new world right now”, he said “We needed to put out an album showing where Sizzla Kalonji is coming from.”

Here’s the video:

The full tracklisting for The Chant is:

  1. Chanting Rastaman
  2. Jah Made It Possible
  3. How Come featuring JAH SEED
  4. Put Away The Weapons
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Hungry Children
  7. System Crash
  8. Look What's Happening
  9. Smoke Marijuana featuring WIPPA DEMUS & HALLOWAY
  10. Love Selassie I More
  11. A She Mi Love
  12. Something Special
  13. Chant
SIZZLA recently returned to the stage to perform for the Nigerian foreign minister after successfully recovering from a motorcycle accident that occurred in August. Earlier this month he also released a new single "Learn To Read", focussing on the importance of education and empowering the younger generation.