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December ReggaeChapter podcast now available: The biggest riddims of 2012

DJ RICHIE BLOOD has dropped the December ReggaeChapter podcast featuring a straight-up mix of 2012’s biggest riddims out of Jamaica.


ReggaeChapter December 2012 podcast with DJ RICHIE BLOOD by Reggae Chapter on Mixcloud


In the final mix of the year RICHIE takes us on a journey through the following riddims: Calabash, Antibiotic, Food Time, 45, Worldwide, Overproof, Bass Line, Bex, Coolie Gal, Kling Klang, Masters, Summer Wave, Aurora, Lost Angel and Akee Seed.

The full tracklisting includes:

  • MR. VEGAS - “Champagn Rose” 
  • SHAGGY FT. WAYNE WONDER - “Make Up” (Calabash Riddim)
  • KONSHENS - “Couple Up” (Calabash Riddim)
  • GYPTIAN - “Whine” (Calabash Riddim)
  • MAVADO - “All Faces” (Calabash Riddim)
  • ASSASSIN - “One Life” (Antibiotic Riddim)
  • ELEPHANT MAN - “Bah Bah Bad” (Antibiotic Riddim)
  • BOUNTY KILLER- “No Long Talking” (Antibiotic Riddim)
  • LADY SAW - “Ride It” (Food Time Riddim)
  • LUTAN FYAH - “Can't Hold U Down” (Food Time Riddim)
  • SIZZLA - “Sittin Wrong” (Food Time Riddim)
  • CAPLETON - “Inna U Brain” (Food Time Riddim)
  • BEENIE MAN - “Wine Up Yuh Body” (45 Riddim)
  • MACKA DIAMOND - “Not For Sale” (45 Riddim)
  • BEENIE MAN - “Come Over” (45 Riddim)
  • BEENIE MAN - “Me & You (Nuh Care)” (Worldwide Riddim)
  • KONSHENS & QUICKCOOK - “Party Turn” (Worldwide Riddim)
  • VYBZ KARTEL - “Party Me Say” (Worldwide Riddim)
  • MR. VEGAS - “Bare Tingz” (Worldwide Riddim)
  • I-OCTANE - “Love Di Vibes” (Worldwide Riddim)
  • AIDONIA - “Whine Up Body An Turn (Caribean Girl)” (Overproof Riddim)
  • DANIEL BEDINGFIELD - “Sometimes You Just Know” (Overproof Riddim)
  • MAVADO - “Settle Down” (Overproof Riddim)
  • AGENT SASCO - “Wish Bad” (Bass Line Riddim)
  • BUSY SIGNAL - “Cyaan Believe (Bubble Up)” (Bass Line Riddim)
  • SEAN PAUL - “Find It” (Bass Line Riddim)
  • AIDONIA - “Bad Inna Dance (Raw)” (Bass Line Riddim)
  • MAVADO - “I Swear” (Bass Line Riddim)
  • MILLION STYLEZ - “Sound Bwoy” (Bex Riddim)
  • WARD 21 - “We Nuh Tek Check” (Bex Riddim)
  • GAPPY RANKS - “Wine Pon De Edge” (Bex Riddim)
  • BUSTA RHYMES FT. VYBZ KARTEL - “Wine & Go Down” (Bex Riddim)
  • TOMMY LEE - “Let Me Put It In” (Coolie Gal Riddim)
  • POPCAAN - “Coolie Gal” (Coolie Gal Riddim)
  • TIFA - “Champion Bubbler” (Kling Klang Riddim)
  • SUKU - “Mad Sumaddy” (Kling Klang Riddim)
  • MR LEXX - “Hairstyle” (Masters Riddim
  • SIZZLA - “Foolishness” (Masters Riddim)
  • BEENIE MAN - “Jamaica Celebration” (Summer Wave Riddim)
  • KESS - “My Love” (Summer Wave Riddim)
  • POPCAAN - “When Me Party [Right Now]” (Summer Wave Riddim)
  • GYPTIAN - “One Man She Need” (Aurora Riddim)
  • BOUNTY KILLER - “The Real Deal” (Aurora Riddim)
  • POPCAAN - “Only Man She Want” (Lost Angel Riddim
  • VYBZ KARTEL - “Love You Enuh” (Lost Angel Riddim)
  • GAZA SLIM - “Everything Fi Hold Him” (Lost Angel Riddim)
  • LADY SAW - “Truth Be Told” (Akee Seed Riddim)
  • SPICE - “Gyal A Chat” (Akee Seed Riddim)
  • CAPLETON - “Fire Fight Dem” (Akee Seed Riddim)
  • SIZZLA - “Thing That You're Looking For” (Akee Seed Riddim)

Download the mix to your music device or listen to it on Mixcloud.