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MACHEL MONTANO on bringing Caribbean islands together through music: New interview in The Voice

Trinidadian soca artist MACHEL MONTANO said in a recent interview with The Voice newspaper that music, no matter the genre, should “create unity and bring people together.”

He said: “I was born in Trinidad and I went to school for the first time in Jamaica. I was in Grenada every summer and I went to Barbados to perform every other two weeks, so I always felt like a Caribbean man! I have been exposed to so much of the Caribbean that I have a point of view that is advantageous.”

He added that his new work with BEENIE MAN will “celebrate our 50 years of independence in Trinidad and their [Jamaica’s] 50 years of independence”.

Visit The Voice website to read the full article.

MONTANO was in London last week for the Notting Hill Carnival at the Red Bull/MAJOR LAZER party alongside SEAN PAUL, DRE SKULL and DAVID RODIGAN.